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Sights & Excursions in Caleta de Fuste & Costa de Antigua

Caleta de Fuste is the largest resort on the central east coast of Fuerteventura. Since it is only 10 kilometers away from the airport you will reach your hotel fast from the plane. Due to its almost central location in the east of the island, the place is an excellent starting point to extensively explore the different places of Fuerteventura during your holiday. In addition, the place itself has a lot to offer. The resort impresses, among other things, with its beautiful beaches, lots of offers on excursions and also some sights.

Even if you like the nightlife or are otherwise active, Caleta de Fuste is the right destination for you. The small village of Costa de Antigua is nearby. Some hotels and bungalows have emerged in recent years. Since Costa de Antigua is not a naturally grown town, it looks a bit artificial and some parcels are still waiting for their development. Nevertheless, you will find a few bars and restaurants and the vibrant life of Caleta de Fuste is reached within walking distance along the seaside promenade. In our text we have detailed the most important criteria for the selection of your travel destination. Find out here what are the most interesting things to do in Caleta de Fuste and if it is the ideal place for you.


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Things to do in Caleta de Fuste

Guided Tours in Caleta de Fuste

If you do not like staying in the hotel or on the beach, we recommend that you take part in one of the organized excursions. There are some tour operators who are based in the town. For most of the tours and excursions offered on Fuerteventura, you will be picked up by tour operators from the north and possibly also from the south. This is the TPO 5 of the most popular excursions in Caleta de Fuste:

Buggy Tours

These funny little but powerful vehicles have four wheels, a roll cage and two seats. A buggy tour in Caleta de Fuste is worthwhile for those who want something more action packed. The tours start directly in the village, so that no pickups are necessary here. To drive a buggy you need a driving license of the class B. So you should not leave it at home.

Quad Tours

Fun factor plus adrenalin. This is the formula for quad tours in Caleta de Fuste. Like the buggy tour the quads also start directly from your holiday resort. Far more than half the route goes off-road and you get to know the area and the island in their originality. Do not wear your best clothes for quad biking because the dust will give your clothes a new design.

Jet Ski riding in Caleta de Fuste

In the port of Puerto del Castillo, you can rent JetSkis and jump powerfully over the waves of the Atlantic. You will get wet for sure. A mixture of seawater and adrenaline will cool down your skin. JetSki is one of the activities that you should definitely give a try.

Submarine in Caleta de Fuste

Many have heard of this submarine. In fact, it is a glass-bottomed boat with a deck under the water surface and large panoramic window. It provides the submarine feeling and you can admire the underwater world without getting wet. The submarine of Caleta de Fuste leaves daily from the Oceanarium Explorer in Puerto del Castillo.

Boat Trips in Caleta de Fuste

There are also a few boat trips starting from this harbor. There is for example, a catamaran from the Oceanarium Explorer taking of in the harbor for dolphin and whale watching around Caleta de Fuste. And with a bit of luck, you will also find these exciting sea creatures.

Sightseeing in Caleta de Fuste and surroundings

El Castillo Fortress

Directly at the harbor you will find an old, mighty fortification that was supposed to protect the inhabitants from marauding pirates in the past centuries. The circular fortress, one of the most important tourist attractions in Caleta de Fuste, has two floors. The platform on the top could hold five artillery pieces. Today, the heritage-protected building houses parts of the Barceló Club El Castillo hotel, on which grounds it is located.

Play Golf in Caleta de Fuste

The attractions of the town include three well-maintained golf courses. One of them is the oldest 18-hole golf course of all the Canary Islands. At the Fuerteventura Golf Club you can improve your handicap or give this classy ball sport a try in beginner courses.

Port Puerto del Castillo

The marina of Caleta de Fuste offers 110 berths for boats and yachts with a draft of up to five meters and a maximum length of 16 meters. Maintenance services are offered in a dry dock. At the same time, boat trips are available in the harbor and you can also rent Jet Skis.

Gran Casino Antigua

If you want to challenge your luck, visit Fuerteventura's only casino. The Gran Casino Antigua features a slot machine and various card and roulette tables. The casino already opens its doors in the morning.

Shopping in Caleta de Fuste

The Atlantico Shopping Center is the largest shopping center of the town. It is located near the beach promenade. On two floors you can shop in the usual fashion chains but also at local shops. The second shopping center is the Centro Comercial El Castillo on the Avenida del Castillo. Again, the shopping is very good and in a gastro section you can satisfy hunger and thirst.

The Nightlife of Caleta de Fuste

For those who like the nightlife, Caleta de Fuste is definitely the right place. For dancing, chatting or for having a few drinks, this place offers something for everyone: cocktail and karaoke, pubs with live music, nightclubs and dance bars. In some clubs the DJ plays until the sun comes up.

Things Worth Knowing About in Caleta de Fuste

The Beaches of Caleta de Fuste

There is only one beach directly in town. The Playa del Castillo is well protected in a bay. A pier also ensures that higher waves hardly reach the beach. Thus, the beach is ideal for a beautiful bathing days with the whole family. The beach is long and shallow into the sea, so that even the smallest can splash safely. With a length of 700 meters and a width of around 40 meters, it offers enough space for the numerous visitors. The palm-fringed beach promenade provides for South Sea feeling and there are also some bars and restaurants.

The Weather in Caleta de Fuste

Due to its location right in the flat coastal region, the climate in the holiday resort is balanced all year round. Temperatures vary according to the climate table between 22 and 25 degrees in winter and between 24 and 28 degrees in summer. Like almost everywhere else on the island, the weather here also brings a lot of wind and waves, which surfer and kiter certainly enjoy. The average of about 30 rainy days a year tend to focus more on the winter months, so that they are not really relevant for the climate.

Hotels in Caleta de Fuste & Costa de Antigua

The hotels, bungalow and apartment complexes are located mainly in the areas around the beach, the harbor and the golf courses as well as in the neighboring Costa de Antigua. Most of them offer half or full board, as well as spacious pool areas, so you have to decide every day: beach or pool. You will find all categories as well as themed hotels, such as sports and wellness hotels, family or adults-only hotels etc.

Activiteiten voor vakantiegangers in Caleta de Fuste

Boot- en jachtexcursies, walvissen en dolfijnen spotten

Markt & zee van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

    5,0 h Boottocht Markt & zee Lanzarote

    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Woensdag                             Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                     Shopping at the millionaires port of Lanzarote followed by a cruise on a luxury sailing catamaran, really classy! The ferry takes you to the nearby island for a stroll…

    vanaf  59,00
    Strand & markt van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

      5,0 h Boottocht strand & markt Lanzarote

      Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Zaterdag                             Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                     Island hopping; have a great day out in Lanzarote while on vacation in Fuerteventura. Shop in the sophisticated Marina Rubicon and go swimming at the paradisaical Papagayo beaches. Discover…

      vanaf  47,00
      Zee avontuur van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

        5,0 h Zee avontuur Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

        Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag, donderdag, vrijdag                        Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                     Visit the overwhelmingly beautiful Papagayo Beaches of Lanzarote, while on holiday in Fuerteventura. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a fantastic day on the sea. You will first…

        vanaf  47,00

        Bus- en minibustochten, jeepsafaris en dagtochten naar Lanzarote

        Van Fuerteventura naar de vulkanen van Lanzarote

          Busexcursie naar de vulkanen van Lanzarote

          Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Donderdag                             Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                     Take the opportunity to visit the fascinating Lanzarote during your holiday in Fuerteventura. This combination of boat and bus tour is packed with mesmerizing experiences. Discover the hidden treasures…

          vanaf  55,00
          Jeep safari Cofete in het zuiden van Fuerteventura

            Jeep safari Cofete in het zuiden van Fuerteventura

            Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     The scenic beauty of this area in the south of Fuerteventura cannot be described. You have to experience it to understand it. Picturesque mountain ranges, unspoiled nature and a wild…

            vanaf  70,00
            Jeep safari Cotillo in het noorden van Fuerteventura

              Jeep safari Cotillo in het noorden van Fuerteventura

              Seizoen: Hele jaar door                            Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     Driving through the mountains of Fuerteventura in a caravan with several jeeps has something truly adventurous. And the Defenders are more comfortable than you would expect. With your jeep you…

              vanaf  59,00
              Minibus tour van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

                Minibus tour van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

                Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 8 uur                                                                     Island hopping by minibus from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote - the beautiful neighbor island. A truly fascinating tour between two islands that could not be any more different from each other.…

                vanaf  93,00
                Minibusexcursie binnenland & noorden Fuerteventura

                  Minibusexcursie binnenland & noorden Fuerteventura

                  Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag, woensdag, vrijdag                         Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     Sacred mountains, volcanic caves, authentic Canarian villages and freshly made goat cheese. There are a lot of exciting things to discover in the inland and the north of Fuerteventura.…

                  vanaf  61,00
                  Minibusexcursie de aroma’s van Fuerteventura

                    Minibusexcursie de aroma’s van Fuerteventura

                    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag, donderdag, zaterdag                        Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     Enjoy Fuerteventura with all your senses. On this interesting drive through Pájara and Betancuria in a comfortable minibus, you can taste a variety of local agricultural products and learn about…

                    vanaf  75,00

                    Buggy en quad tours

                    Buggy Tour Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura

                      Buggy tour in Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura

                      Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks behalve zondag                         Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     Buggy driving fun in Fuerteventura – this tour leads 50% on road and 50% off road! It greatly combines the driving experience with a unique nature experience. Starting in Caleta…

                      vanaf  90,00
                      Buggy Tour Corralejo Fuerteventura

                        Buggy tour in Corralejo Fuerteventura

                        Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks behalve zondag                         Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     An absolutely dynamic sightseeing tour on four wheels through Fuerteventura. An action packed drive, with everything you could wish for. It goes off onto unpaved roads in the middle of…

                        vanaf  105,00
                        Quad Tour Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura

                          Quad tour in Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura

                          Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks behalve zondag                         Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     90% Off‑road! No need to say anything else about this quad bike tour. As it is known, the fun factor increases with the proportion of the off-road route when quad biking. And…

                          vanaf  75,00
                          Quad Tour Corralejo Fuerteventura

                            Quad tour in Corralejo Fuerteventura

                            Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks behalve zondag                         Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     An action packed sightseeing tour through Fuerteventura by quad bike. An 80% off-road journey awaits you. An extremely dusty event with the absolute guarantee for fun! Experience the wild beauty of…

                            vanaf  85,00

                            Fietstochten en segway tours

                            E-bike tour in Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura 3 uur

                              E-bike tour in Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura 3 uur

                              Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag en vrijdag                          Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     By e bike through the green oasis of the desert-like island of Fuerteventura. The guided bike tour through the verdant Barranco de la Torre starts in Caleta de Fuste. Thanks to…

                              vanaf  39,00
                              E-Bike Tour Corralejo Fuerteventura 5 uur

                                E-bike tour in Corralejo Fuerteventura 5 uur

                                Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag                             Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                  Cycling on the moon and dancing on the volcano. The motorized e-bike turns cycling into a walk in the park even for non-athletes. Good pace, funny trails and nice banter. Discover…

                                vanaf  69,00
                                Segway Tour Caleta de Fuste

                                  Segway tour Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura

                                  Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag en donderdag                          Tijdsduur: 2,5 uur                                                                     Driving fun for Segway fans and those who want to try it. Glide silently through the resort Caleta de Fuste. Learn about customs and traditions of Fuerteventura on this…

                                  vanaf  65,00
                                  Vulkaan e-bike tour Fuerteventura 3 uur

                                    Vulkaan e-bike tour Fuerteventura 3 uur

                                    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Momenteel niet beschikbaar                        Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     Exploring the impressive volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura by e-bike is really easy even for the less athletics. The electric motor undoubtedly turns this tour, into an…

                                    vanaf  50,00

                                    Paard- en kameelrijden

                                    Jetskiën, parasailing, flyboard en watersport combinaties

                                    Wandelen en klimmen

                                    Duiken, snorkelen en duikcursussen


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