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El Cotillo & Corralejo Sights & Excursions

Although Corralejo is the most northeastern town of Fuerteventura, it is one of the island's main tourist hotspots. Once a small fishing village, holidaymakers can nowadays spend the night in one of more than 20,000 guest beds - and the number is still increasing. There are a lot of sights in the resort, so that it is worthwhile visiting. In addition, Corralejo offers excursions of all kinds that make your holiday special. The historic old town, like the famous dunes and the beautiful beaches are among the highlights of the town.

The proximity to Lanzarote and the offshore island of Los Lobos ensures a lively traffic in the port of the village. Every day, hundreds of people hop from one island to another. In addition, Corralejo is known for its nightlife. Perhaps one of the reasons why the place is so popular among the British. On the opposite side, easily accessible by car in just 20 minutes, is El Cotillo. In contrast to the lively northeast, El Cotillo is a sleepy fishing village, where tourism is gaining in importance but is far from being decisive. We have checked if Corralejo is a good place for your holidays. Find out the best things to do and if it's the perfect travel destination for you.


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Things to Do in Corralejo

Organized Excursions in Corralejo

Due to the tourist importance, a large market for operators of organized excursions has developed in the town. Many tour operators are located on site, so that attending is very easy and usually no transfers are required. But if you want to participate in excursions in the south of the island, it will be more difficult, as you usually have to travel there by yourself. We have prepared a useful overview of possible tours for you. Apart from these, there is much more to experience. You can find our wide range of organized things to do if you are staying in Corralejo at the end of this article.

Boat Trips from Corralejo

The port of the resort is one of the largest on the island. It is no surprise that trips by boats, catamarans and yachts, showing tourists the uniqueness of the coastal landscape of Fuerteventura start from here. Among the most popular boat trips in Corralejo are dolphin watching, chilling and bathing, and boat trips to the beaches of Lanzarote.

Jeep Safari in Corralejo

You can discover the beautiful El Cotillo on a Jeep safari. The caravan of jeeps takes you through the interior of the island past extinct volcanic vents, through the dreamy mountain village of La Oliva to El Cotillo. The roads are often unpaved, which turns the trip in a real adventure. Dust and rocks are included as well as lunch in a typical Canarian ambience.

From Corralejo to Playa Blanca

This town is like a place of transition to the neighboring island. Ferries to Playa Blanca leave from here every day. Since the crossing time is only about 30 minutes, you can easily make a visit to Playa Blanca any day. Also many of the boat trips have Lanzarote as their destination. And the famous Papagayo beaches are not far either. But also the market in Playa Blanca is often visited starting from Corralejo.

Segway Tours

Segway tours belong to the more unusual excursions in Corralejo. This modern two-wheeled vehicle travels over the ground almost silently with its electric drive. A very funny and comfortable way to explore the tourist attractions in and around the town. The guide gives you a lot of information and this way you get to know your holiday destination.

Excursions in El Cotillo

If you spend your holidays in El Cotillo, you can of course book all kinds of guided excursions. However, there are no operators on site, therefore you always have to be picked up or travel to the departure point by yourself. When booking excursions, make sure that the operator also offers hotel transfer from El Cotillo. You will find this information on our website under “Services & Prices” in the detailed descriptions of our excursions.

What to See in Corralejo & El Cotillo

When talking about the attractions of Corralejo, the dunes of the El Jable nature reserve should be mentioned. But we have already described these on our page for the sights of Fuerteventura.

The Old Town

The village unfortunately lost its originality due to the strong tourism. Even in the old town of Corralejo, there are already modern facades. Nevertheless, you should stroll through the narrow streets where most of the traditional fishermen still live to observe the local activities. In a small old harbor, formerly a smugglers' trading post, you can see fishermen returning from the Atlantic with their boats.

The Plaza Publica

Surrounded by numerous tall eucalyptus trees, this public square is a popular meeting place for locals and holidaymakers alike. It is very pleasant to stay in the shade of the trees. Small cafes with terrace, ice cream parlors and restaurants invite to stay. In souvenir shops you can buy little things for the loved ones at home. In the evening there is live music on a stage, which ensures a cheerful atmosphere.

The Port Puerto de Corralejo

Some of the huge ferries leave from this marina. At the same time it offers moorings for 215 boats and yachts. A dry duck is available for maintenance and repair of the vessels. Skippers must be cautious entrance to the harbor for as there are some rock formations under the water where the boats can collide.

The Fishing Village of El Cotillo

The quite fishing village of El Cotillo has hardly lost its charm despite the tourism. You can stroll the small alleys around the coast and explore the traditional fishing life of the village. When the fishermen return from their early fishing trips, they often meet for a coffee outside and share the latest gossip. For more information about attractions and El Cotillo, visit our Fuerteventura Landmarks page.

Shopping in Corralejo

Shopping fans wull be fully satisfied here. The shopping center Centro Comercial El Campanario is not just a shopping mall. In addition to the usual shops and boutiques on Sundays you will find a great typical Canarian weekly market on the forecourt, with live music. From the bell tower on the building you can see Corralejo from above. Otherwise, the shoppers and bargain hunters will also enjoy the main street Avenida General Franco, where there is one store after the other. You will really find everything here.

The Nightlife in Corralejo

Hardly any other place on the island has a more active nightlife. Night owls can celebrate here from sunset to sunrise. First, it goes into one of the numerous cocktail and beach bars or the local pubs. Meeting new people is inevitable here. Between midnight and 1 o'clock in the morning, DJs put on their first records in the discotheques. The most famous nightclubs in town are the Waikiki and the Bounty. Most party places are in the Shopping Center Centro Comercial Atlantico, located on the main street, Avenida del General Franco.

Things to know about Corralejo

The Beaches in Corralejo

The beaches are beautiful and endless at the same time. A stretch of beach of about 8 kilometers length starts in the south of Corralejo which runs along the edge of the dunes. The sections are separated only by embankments of cooled lava. One of the best known is Flag Beach, which is popular with windsurfers and nudist alike. The Playa del Medano is located directly on the strait between Fuerteventura and the island of Lobos. The wind conditions are excellent, that’s why a surf and kite school has been set up here. With a width of about 100 meters, the Bajo Negro beach offers plenty of space. The waves are calmer and the beach is flat. Consequently this beach section is ideal for families with children. The town beach Playa Waikiki has no relation to the dunes. It is located in a bay and, therefore protected from high waves and currents. A family day at this beach is really nice.

The Weather in Corralejo

The climate of Corralejo, as in most parts of the island, is consistent and dry throughout the year. In winter, in the months of December, January and February, the lowest temperatures of the year are between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius, according to the climate table. The hottest period is during the summer, in the months of July, August, September it is about 24 to 28 degrees. The weather barely holds rain. You may have moments of short but intense rain showers, if you are there in the winter months. But that's hardly worth mentioning. Since the holiday resort with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year is one of the sunniest places in Europe.

Hotels in Corralejo

The apartment and hotels complexes are mostly located directly on the beaches, at the harbor, around the lively center and even on the dunes. In most cases you can enjoy breathtaking views from your window. Hardly anything obstructs your view to the island Lobos, to Lanzarote, the dunes and the sea. No wonder that the hotels belong to the first addresses, which are mentioned in the context of travel plans. You can choose from all star categories. In addition, there are specialized hotels such as sports and fitness, family or wellness.

Uitstapjes en activiteiten voor vakantiegangers in Corralejo en El Cotillo

Boot- en jachtexcursies, walvissen en dolfijnen spotten

Catamarantocht Isla de Lobos Fuerteventura

    3,0 h Catamarantocht Isla de Lobos Fuerteventura

    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     Enjoy a fun and relaxing time on this gorgeous sailing catamaran in Fuerteventura - with a maximum of only 12 passengers. Navigate to the west coast of the neighbor island…

    vanaf  55,00
    Boot & e-bike Isla de Lobos Fuerteventura

      4,0 h Boot & e-bike Isla de Lobos Fuerteventura

      Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag en donderdag                          Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     From Fuerteventura to Isla de Lobos by catamaran for an e-bike tour and some fun on the sea. This is the perfect combination to explore the beautiful neighboring island.…

      vanaf  65,00
      Catamarantocht Lobos Deluxe Fuerteventura

        4,0 h Catamarantocht Lobos Deluxe Fuerteventura

        Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     Many say this catamaran trip is the most fabulous 4 hours you can spend on the sea in Fuerteventura. On board is only a maximum of 20 passengers. Nice…

        vanaf  65,00
        Markt & zee van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

          5,0 h Boottocht Markt & zee Lanzarote

          Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Woensdag                             Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                     Shopping at the millionaires port of Lanzarote followed by a cruise on a luxury sailing catamaran, really classy! The ferry takes you to the nearby island for a stroll…

          vanaf  59,00
          Strand & markt van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

            5,0 h Boottocht Strand & markt Lanzarote

            Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Zaterdag                             Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                     Island hopping; have a great day out in Lanzarote while on vacation in Fuerteventura. Shop in the sophisticated Marina Rubicon and go swimming at the paradisaical Papagayo beaches. Discover…

            vanaf  44,00
            Vissen & zwemmen Corralejo Fuerteventura

              5,0 h Vissen & zwemmen Corralejo Fuerteventura

              Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Woensdag                            Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     Let yourself get caught by the hunting fever when sea fishing. You leave Corralejo in Fuerteventura in search look for the best fishing spot at Los Lobos. The competent…

              vanaf  75,00
              Walvissen en dolfijnen kijken Corralejo Fuerteventura

                5,0 h Walvissen en dolfijnen kijken Corralejo

                Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag en donderdag                        Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                     Between Corralejo in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and the island of Lobos is one of the best areas of the Canary Islands to watch whales and dolphins in the wild.…

                vanaf  75,00
                Zee avontuur van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

                  5,0 h Zee avontuur Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

                  Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag, donderdag, vrijdag                        Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                     Visit the overwhelmingly beautiful Papagayo Beaches of Lanzarote, while on holiday in Fuerteventura. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a fantastic day on the sea. You will first…

                  vanaf  44,00

                  Bus- en minibustochten, jeepsafaris en dagtochten naar Lanzarote

                  Van Fuerteventura naar de vulkanen van Lanzarote

                    Busexcursie naar de vulkanen van Lanzarote

                    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Donderdag                             Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                     Take the opportunity to visit the fascinating Lanzarote during your holiday in Fuerteventura. This combination of boat and bus tour is packed with mesmerizing experiences. Discover the hidden treasures…

                    vanaf  55,00
                    Jeep safari Cofete in het zuiden van Fuerteventura

                      Jeep safari Cofete in het zuiden van Fuerteventura

                      Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     The scenic beauty of this area in the south of Fuerteventura cannot be described. You have to experience it to understand it. Picturesque mountain ranges, unspoiled nature and a wild…

                      vanaf  70,00
                      Jeep safari Cotillo in het noorden van Fuerteventura

                        Jeep safari Cotillo in het noorden van Fuerteventura

                        Seizoen: Hele jaar door                            Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     Driving through the mountains of Fuerteventura in a caravan with several jeeps has something truly adventurous. And the Defenders are more comfortable than you would expect. With your jeep you…

                        vanaf  59,00
                        Minibus tour van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

                          Minibus tour van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

                          Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 8 uur                                                                     Island hopping by minibus from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote - the beautiful neighbor island. A truly fascinating tour between two islands that could not be any more different from each other.…

                          vanaf  93,00
                          Minibusexcursie binnenland & noorden Fuerteventura

                            Minibusexcursie binnenland & noorden Fuerteventura

                            Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag, woensdag, vrijdag                         Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     Sacred mountains, volcanic caves, authentic Canarian villages and freshly made goat cheese. There are a lot of exciting things to discover in the inland and the north of Fuerteventura.…

                            vanaf  61,00
                            Minibusexcursie de aroma’s van Fuerteventura

                              Minibusexcursie de aroma’s van Fuerteventura

                              Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag, donderdag, zaterdag                        Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     Enjoy Fuerteventura with all your senses. On this interesting drive through Pájara and Betancuria in a comfortable minibus, you can taste a variety of local agricultural products and learn about…

                              vanaf  75,00

                              Buggy en quad tours

                              Buggy Tour Corralejo Fuerteventura

                                Buggy tour in Corralejo Fuerteventura

                                Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks behalve zondag                         Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     An absolutely dynamic sightseeing tour on four wheels through Fuerteventura. An action packed drive, with everything you could wish for. It goes off onto unpaved roads in the middle of…

                                vanaf  90,00
                                Quad Tour Corralejo Fuerteventura

                                  Quad tour in Corralejo Fuerteventura

                                  Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks behalve zondag                         Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     An action packed sightseeing tour through Fuerteventura by quad bike. An 80% off-road journey awaits you. An extremely dusty event with the absolute guarantee for fun! Experience the wild beauty of…

                                  vanaf  75,00

                                  Fietstochten en segway tours

                                  Boot & e-bike Isla de Lobos Fuerteventura

                                    4,0 h Boot & e-bike Isla de Lobos Fuerteventura

                                    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag en donderdag                          Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     From Fuerteventura to Isla de Lobos by catamaran for an e-bike tour and some fun on the sea. This is the perfect combination to explore the beautiful neighboring island.…

                                    vanaf  65,00
                                    E-Bike Tour Corralejo Fuerteventura 3 uur

                                      E-bike tour in Corralejo Fuerteventura 3 uur

                                      Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Woensdag en vrijdag                          Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     Moon‑like landscapes, extinct volcanic craters, wonderful beaches and chipmunks. In Corralejo starts a fantastic e-bike tour through the impressive volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura's north coast. Thanks to the energetic support…

                                      vanaf  49,00
                                      E-Bike Tour Corralejo Fuerteventura 5 uur

                                        E-bike tour in Corralejo Fuerteventura 5 uur

                                        Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag                             Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                  Cycling on the moon and dancing on the volcano. The motorized e-bike turns cycling into a walk in the park even for non-athletes. Good pace, funny trails and nice banter. Discover…

                                        vanaf  65,00
                                        Segway Tour Corralejo Fuerteventura

                                          Segway tour in Corralejo Fuerteventura 1,5 uur

                                          Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks maandag tot vrijdag                       Tijdsduur: 1 tot 1,5 uur                                                                  Experience the impressive landscapes of the beautiful north coast of Fuerteventura around Corralejo on a Segway Tour. This trendy vehicle will inspire you. You do not need any previous experience and…

                                          vanaf  45,00
                                          Vulkaan e-bike tour Fuerteventura 3 uur

                                            Vulkaan e-bike tour Fuerteventura 3 uur

                                            Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Momenteel niet beschikbaar                        Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     Exploring the impressive volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura by e-bike is really easy even for the less athletics. The electric motor undoubtedly turns this tour, into an…

                                            vanaf  50,00

                                            Paard- en kameelrijden

                                            Paardrijden aan de zee in El Cotillo

                                              Paardrijden aan de zee in El Cotillo

                                              Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag tot zaterdag                          Tijdsduur: 2 uur                                                                     Horseback Riding outdoors in the nature - a great vacation experience in Fuerteventura. And it does not matter whether you are an experienced rider or have never sat on a…

                                              vanaf  65,00
                                              Paardrijden bij zonsondergang aan zee in El Cotillo

                                                Paardrijden bij zonsondergang aan de zee in El Cotillo

                                                Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag tot zaterdag                          Tijdsduur: 2 uur                                                                     Ride into the sunset of Fuerteventura. This definitely is not only an absolutely wonderful holiday experience for horse lovers. This impressive nature experience leads you from El Cotillo to the imposing…

                                                vanaf  65,00

                                                Jetskiën, parasailing, flyboard en watersport combinaties

                                                Wandelen en klimmen

                                                Duiken, snorkelen en duikcursussen

                                                Snorkelen & duiken Corralejo Fuerteventura

                                                  Snorkelen & duiken Corralejo Fuerteventura

                                                  Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag, woensdag, vrijdag, zondag                      Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     Explore one of the most beautiful sites for diving and snorkeling in the Canary Islands. Not far away from Corralejo is the natural park around the island of Lobos. Be…

                                                  vanaf  65,00


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