Fuerteventura dolfijnen en walvissen

Fuerteventura dolfijnen en walvissen

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Fuerteventura Whale Watching

Watching whales and dolphins is one of the most beautiful experiences during a vacation in Fuerteventura. But what types of dolphins and whales can you find on a trip around Fuerteventura? What should you consider when choosing the tour? How do you prepare properly? Find out everything you need to know, to ensure your dolphin and whale watching tour is a unique experience.

The encounter with these special marine mammals in the wild is something really touching. Above all, it is a pleasant feeling to know that animals are in their natural habitat and can live in freedom. Many different dolphin and whale species are native to the waters around the Canary island. The friendly dolphins enjoy your visit and love to swim in the bow wave of the boats.


  1. The whale and dolphin species of Fuerteventura
  2. The best season for marine mammals in Fuerteventura
  3. Swimming with dolphins
  4. Licensing for whale and dolphin watching
  5. The different types of tours
  6. What should I take on the tour
  7. Our whale watching excursions in Fuerteventura

What Types of Whales and Dolphins Can You Find in Fuerteventura?

A total of 27 different species of dolphins and whales have been detected around the Canary Islands, some of which are native to this area. This may not seem much, at first glance, but it is a fairly high number compared to other destinations. The high biodiversity makes the Canary Islands one of the six best European destinations for dolphin and whale watching.

These species are most commonly seen:

  1. Bottlenose dolphins
  2. Ordinary pilot whales
  3. Common dolphins
  4. Sperm whales
  5. Rorcuales

With a little luck you will also see:

  1. Blue-white dolphins
  2. Borneo Dolphins
  3. Killer whales
  4. Blue whales

This is particularly exciting: sightings of killer whales (Orcas) and Blue whales are being reported, which cross the Canary Islands on their routes through the oceans.

What is the Best Season to See Dolphins and Whales in Fuerteventura?

Many of the dolphin and whale species are native to the waters around Fuerteventura. That is why the probability of a sighting is 99% throughout the year. Consequently there is no specific season to watch whales and dolphins. Since the animals are in the wild, a sighting cannot be guaranteed. However, the experienced crews on the excursion boats know the animals' habits very well and, therefore, know where they usually are. They always do everything they can to enable you this overwhelming experience. Since dolphins are quite sociable and curious animals compared to the rather shy whales, they are seen much more frequently. Dolphins have a lot of fun in the bow wave of boats and, therefore, often accompany them for a while to enjoy swimming in the bow wave. Sometimes they are a bit naughty and amuse their visitors with their jumps.

Can You Swim With Dolphins?

The protection of humans and animals comes first. Therefore, swimming with dolphins in Fuerteventura is strictly forbidden. It should not be forgotten that the sympathetic mammals are basically wild animals. They are not used to dealing with people and may feel harassed or threatened by the approach. In this case, the behavior is unpredictable. Feeding is also not allowed to guarantee a species-appropriate diet and not disturb the ecosystem. In addition, the animals must get used to procure their own food. Otherwise, they will forget how to hunt and lose their ability to survive. In addition, you should not touch dolphins and whales and in no case or disturb them with noise.

Why is a License so Important?

To ensure that the animals are not disturbed, the sighting tours are strictly regulated by the Canary Government. Therefore, you need a special license for the tours, to grant a limited number. Tour operators must strictly follow the applicable rules of conduct when dealing with the marine mammals. This guarantees the protection of whales and dolphins in Fuerteventura, so that the encounter is pleasant for both humans and animals.

The observation is one of the most popular activities in Fuerteventura and demand is correspondingly high. On the one hand, the number of operators would simply be too high without licenses and, on the other hand, the behavior during tourist tours would be uncontrolled. There would be too many tourist boats and improper behavior towards animals, such as persecutions, would disturb animals and endanger the whale and dolphin population.

Unfortunately, there are still operators that offer tours without authorization that do not behave properly with the animals. Therefore, when choosing your excursion boat, make sure it has the “Barco Azul” (Blue Boat) rating. Mostly, this logo is attached to the ship as a badge or flag. These operators are officially authorized for whale and dolphin watching trips and strictly adhere to the Code of Conduct. CANCO Travel Services works exclusively with authorized operators.

The requirements for “Barco Azul”:

  • Under no circumstances must the animals be pursued
  • The approximation of the boat can be 60 m maximum; any further approach depends solely on the animals
  • Boats must reduce their speed near whales and dolphins
  • The concentration of many ships must be avoided
  • Any interaction must only be through dolphins and whales
  • The duration of the observation time is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes, unless the animals wish to accompany the boat
  • When the animals are resting, the boat must move away immediately

What Types of Whale Watching Excursions Are There?

Tours for observation only

There are boat trips around Fuerteventura, which are limited to watching dolphins and whales. These excursions are offered in different durations, with a maximum of 2.5 hours. The excursions generally only differ in the type of boat. Therefore, there are smaller yachts or sailboats, which are usually a bit more expensive, but give the participants the feeling of being very close. The cheaper options are the larger tourist boats with a greater number of passengers; of course, it is guaranteed that each participant can enjoy a good view of the sea.

Combined excursions: sightseeing with swimming or other activities

On these tours, the observation is combined with a subsequent swimming stop. The duration is usually 4 to 5 hours, with a maximum of 2.5 hours dedicated to the search for dolphins. Many offers also include food and drinks and water sports activities such as snorkeling or stand-up paddling.

What Should You Take With You?

  • Sunscreen: Use sunscreen with high SPF also on cloudy days.
  • Travelling Tablets: available at each pharmacy at low prices. These are taken a few hours before the tour. The intake is recommended if you suffer from seasickness or do not know if you can navigate, because to look for dolphins you must go further out than in conventional boat trips.
  • Jackets: especially in the months between October and May, as there may often be cool in the open sea.
  • Cameras: to capture your beautiful memories.
  • Swimwear: for combined tours with swimming stops or other water sports activities.

Walvissen en dolfijnen kijken op Fuerteventura

In het noorden, centrum en zuiden van het eiland. Vind excursies bij u in de buurt.

Walvissen en dolfijnen spotten in het noorden

Walvissen en dolfijnen kijken Corralejo Fuerteventura

    5,0 h Walvissen en dolfijnen kijken Corralejo

    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                          Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                     Between Corralejo in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and the island of Lobos is one of the best areas of the Canary Islands to watch whales and dolphins in the wild.…

    vanaf  75,00

    Walvissen en dolfijnen spotten in het midden van het eiland

    Walvissen en dolfijnen spotten in het zuiden

    Walvissen en dolfijnen kijken Morro Jable Fuerteventura

      1,5 h Walvissen en dolfijnen kijken Morro Jable

      Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 1,5 uur                                                                     Come for a whale and dolphin search trip to Morro Jable on Fuerteventura. The encounter with these fascinating creatures in the wild is a truly unique experience. You can make…

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      Dolfijn catamaran select Fuerteventura

        2,0 h Dolfijn catamaran select Fuerteventura

        Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Donderdag                             Tijdsduur: 2 uur                                                                     If you have always wanted to see whales and dolphins in the wild, you have the best opportunity to do so on Fuerteventura. After all, the Canaries are excellent areas…

        vanaf  39,00
        Piraten & dolfijnen voor Jandía Fuerteventura

          4,0 h Piraten & dolfijnen voor Jandía Fuerteventura

          Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag, donderdag, zaterdag                        Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     Embark on an exciting sea adventure off the coast of the Jandía nature park in the south of Fuerteventura with this quaint pirate ship. Get on this legendary sailing ship,…

          vanaf  65,00
          Relaxen & dolfijnen voor Jandía Fuerteventura

            4,0 h Plezier & dolfijnen voor Jandía Fuerteventura

            Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag, Woensdag Vrijdag                        Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     A great combination: Dolphin and whale search with maritime fun off the south coast of Fuerteventura. Many sea dwellers are native to the nature park of Jandía. In addition…

            vanaf  65,00

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