Morro Jable bezienswaardigheden & excursies

Morro Jable bezienswaardigheden & excursies

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Morro Jable Sights and Excursions

Morro Jable is the southernmost town of Fuerteventura and was able to preserve its original charm as a typical Canarian fishing village as much as possible. The borders with neighboring Jandía Playa are fluid. Therfore, Morro Jable is a welcome contrast to the otherwise very touristy face of the southeast coast. The village was built around 1900 in the seclusion of the Jandía peninsula, to which there was no access road until 1970. The people were self-sufficient and operated fishing and goat farming. Since then the the place has grown naturally, so that there are sights in Morro Jable that originate from the time of its foundation.

The massif of the Jandía Natural Park rises behind Morro Jable with the highest mountain of Fuerteventura, the Pico de la Zarza (807 meters). On its other side there are beautiful sandy beaches. Embedded in this scenery this place also shows a very romantic side. Morro Jable in the neighborhood of Jandía Playa has developed to a rather tranquil travel destination over the years. Its resorts are not that big and especially the more individualistic travellers will find beautiful apartments and charming fincas. With its popularity also the range of organized excursions has increased. Read here what you can experience in Morro Jable and what activities and excursions you can do. Here you will also learn what makes this place so unique.


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What to Do in Morro Jable

Guided Tours in Morro Jable

Morro Jable is part of the tourist agglomeration in the south of Fuerteventura. It is connected to an excellent infrastructure, which leaves nothing to be desired. This includes organized trips. You have a comprehensive offer of things to do, that covers all possible interests. Many of the operators have their bases in Morro Jable or in the immediate vicinity, so that most of the excursions are being offered including hotel transfer. If you are staying Morro Jable, it is more difficult when booking tours offered by operators from the north. These rarely pick up in Morro Jable. On our website you can easily find out on which tours there is hotel transfer available. Under “Services & Prices” in the detailed descriptions you will find if they will pick you up and from where.

Boat Trips in Morro Jable

The port of Morro Jable has a large number of excursion boats just waiting to provide you with a wonderful day on the sea. There are several types of boat trips in Morro Jable. Whether its party or pirate boat, catamaran or yacht everything is available. Your preferences determine your choice. If you prefer something more private and relaxed, you will book a tour on a small boat, as it can accommodate a maximum of 12 people only. If you want to meet new people instead, sign up for a party boat.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Seeing whales and dolphins on Fuerteventura usually is very easy. Dolphin watch tours to observe these fascinating marine mammals are also being offered from Morro Jable. The biodiversity of the dolphins within the Canary Archipelago makes it almost certain that you will meet these playful and always cheerful creatures.

Morro Jable Water Sports

Jet Ski Safaris, parasailing and a crazy ride on the banana? You will be able to do all this in your area. Such water sports activities are very popular on Fuerteventura and especially in the summer the wet fun provides a pleasant cooling in the water in addition to a good adrenaline rush.

Walking Tours From Morro Jable

The proximity to the massif of the Jandía Natural Park and the rugged cliffs on the west coast make Morro Jable an ideal starting point for guided hiking tours. Get to know your holiday island on foot while trekking, enjoy the physical activity and the breathtaking views of the authentic Fuerteventura.

Buggy Tours Morro Jable

Going for a buggy or quad ride from Morro Jable is hardly a problem as some tour operators are located in the immediate vicinity. By quad or buggy you can cross the island on dusty slopes. But also the asphalt roads have it with their own charm with their tight curves.

Things to See in Morro Jable

The Old Town of Morro Jable

Nothing more than 200 souls lived in Morro Jable in 1970. Back then the town consisted only of today's historic center. At present, more than 3,000 people have their homes here. Nevertheless, the old town of Morro Jable has not lost little of its original flair. Its center is the Piazza de Pescadores. From there, several narrow streets lead in all directions. You stroll past white houses and some restaurants that offer Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine and, above all, freshly caught fish on the menu. In the small tourist shops of the two shopping streets in the old town you can buy the usual tourist souvenirs, but also some handmade ones.

The Port of Morro Jable

The port of Morro Jable was built in 1980. It connects Fuerteventura to the neighboring islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife with ferries. Its marina offers a place to moor for at least 290 boats with a maximum draft of 5 and a maximum length of 35 meters. The harbor is lined with shops, restaurants and bars. From here you can enjoy a stunning view over the pier and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Turtle Recovery and Breeding Station in Morro Jable

Directly in the port of Morro Jable there is am installation for sea turtles. On the one hand, animals are being brought here who are stranded on Fuerteventura and injured or ill. These are treated and released again after recovery. On the other hand, young animals are raised here, which are to be resettled in the Canary Islands. On the 800 square meters of land there are 12 tanks for stranded turtles and 5 tanks for the breeding. The facility has a free information center where you can see some of these animals and learn how the installation works.

The Market Hall in Morro Jable

The Municipal Market is dominated daily by the colorful bustle of the locals. In addition to freshly caught fish, it also offers fruit, vegetables, local pastries and meats, as well as Canarian art and craft products. People come here to have a chat, for tastings, to discuss and of course to haggle. You should not miss this, if you would like to experience authentic Canarian everyday life, or if you want to explore and discover new things.

Shopping in Morro Jable

If you are looking for a large shopping center, you should head to the Cosmo Centro Commercial in the neighboring Jandía Playa. Otherwise, shopping in Morro Jable is concentrated right in the center of the city, on the pedestrian areas of the streets of Diputado Senador Velázquez Cabrera and Nuestra Señora del Carmen. Here you will find everything you want: fashion boutiques, beauty salons, souvenir shops, small mixed stores and much more. To relax from the exhausting shopping, you will find there also small cafes, ice cream parlors and restaurants.

Nightlife in Morro Jable

The nightlife of Morro Jable takes place mainly on the beach promenade. Here you can stop at one of the approximately 30 bars and pubs and stay until midnight or a little later. If you are looking for a dance floor to stay until dawn, you will have to go to the neighboring Jandía Playa.

Things Worth Knowing About Morro Jable

The Beaches of Morro Jable

The beach Playa de Matorral begins in the northeast of Morro Jable and merges into further stretches of beach in the north. The beach stretches 21 kilometers in total, from Morro Jable to Costa Calma. If you spend your vacation in Morro Jable, you can reach the beach of Playa de Matorral in a few minutes and spend a wonderful day on a bright sandy beach.

Weather in Morro Jable

The climate in Morro Jable is dominated by the mountain range of the Jandía Natural Park. This ensures that it hardly rains throughout the year round and there are barely any clouds. And also the wind is less severe than anywhere else on the island. Therefore, Morro Jable, as well as the rest of the southeastern coast is considered the sunniest region of Fuerteventura. The temperatures remain mild all year round. In winter, the climate table of Morro Jable rarely indicates less than 20 degrees and in summer barely more than 28 degrees Celcius. Consequently the weather in Morro Jable guarantees a wonderful sun-drenched holiday, regardless of the season.

Hotels in Morro Jable

Whoever expects as many hotels in Morro Jable as in other tourist places on Fuerteventura is wrong. There are only a few hotels in its urban area. The former fishing village rather offers its vacationers holiday apartments or bungalows and small villas. In the immediate vicinity of the beach you will find the probably only 4-star hotel of Morro Jable, the XQ El Palacete.

Uitstapjes en activiteiten voor vakantiegangers in Morro Jable

Boot- en jachtexcursies, walvissen en dolfijnen spotten

Walvissen en dolfijnen kijken Morro Jable Fuerteventura

    1,5 h Walvissen en dolfijnen kijken Morro Jable

    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 1,5 uur                                                                     Come for a whale and dolphin search trip to Morro Jable on Fuerteventura. The encounter with these fascinating creatures in the wild is a truly unique experience. You can make…

    vanaf  40,00
    Dolfijn catamaran select Fuerteventura

      2,0 h Dolfijn catamaran select Fuerteventura

      Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Donderdag                             Tijdsduur: 2 uur                                                                     If you have always wanted to see whales and dolphins in the wild, you have the best opportunity to do so on Fuerteventura. After all, the Canaries are excellent areas…

      vanaf  39,00
      Catamaran excursie select Fuerteventura

        4,0 h Catamaran excursie select Fuerteventura

        Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Woensdag vrijdag zaterdag                          Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     The sun is shining; you breathe the fresh sea air and taste the salt on your lips. The seagulls are flying in the cloudless sky of Fuerteventura and you enjoy…

        vanaf  63,00
        Catamaran tocht ochtend deluxe Fuerteventura

          4,0 h Catamaran tocht deluxe Fuerteventura

          Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag tot zaterdag                          Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     Treat yourself to some luxury on your vacation in Fuerteventura. You deserve it. The friendly crew spoils you with salmon and steak on board of this sleek catamaran. And the…

          vanaf  89,00
          Catamaran tocht zonsondergang deluxe Fuerteventura

            4,0 h Catamaran tocht zonsondergang deluxe Fuerteventura

            Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Momenteel niet beschikbaar                         Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     This is the perfect boat tour for a luxury holiday on Fuerteventura! A sunset trip on the stylish catamaran with a maximum of only 12 passengers. This varied tour starts…

            vanaf  87,00
            Paradijs zeilboot excursie Fuerteventura

              4,0 h Paradijs zeilboot excursie Fuerteventura

              Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Momenteel, niet, beschikbaar,                       Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     An exclusive sailing trip, in a small circle. Sail along the impressive volcanic coast of Fuerteventura on an elegant hand-crafted Turkish gullet. Set the sails and navigate into the…

              vanaf  69,00
              Piraten & dolfijnen voor Jandía Fuerteventura

                4,0 h Piraten & dolfijnen voor Jandía Fuerteventura

                Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag, donderdag, zaterdag                        Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     Embark on an exciting sea adventure off the coast of the Jandía nature park in the south of Fuerteventura with this quaint pirate ship. Get on this legendary sailing ship,…

                vanaf  65,00
                Relaxen & dolfijnen voor Jandía Fuerteventura

                  4,0 h Plezier & dolfijnen voor Jandía Fuerteventura

                  Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag, Woensdag Vrijdag                        Tijdsduur: 4 uur                                                                     A great combination: Dolphin and whale search with maritime fun off the south coast of Fuerteventura. Many sea dwellers are native to the nature park of Jandía. In addition…

                  vanaf  65,00
                  Zeevissen Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                    5,0 h Zeevissen Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                            Dagen: Dagelijks,                            Tijdsduur: 5 uur                                                                       Due to its vast biodiversity Fuerteventura is a very popular area for experienced anglers. But you do not need to have any deep sea fishing experience. You will be instructed…

                    vanaf  90,00

                    Bus- en minibustochten, jeepsafaris en dagtochten naar Lanzarote

                    Jeep safari Cofete in het zuiden van Fuerteventura

                      Jeep safari Cofete in het zuiden van Fuerteventura

                      Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     The scenic beauty of this area in the south of Fuerteventura cannot be described. You have to experience it to understand it. Picturesque mountain ranges, unspoiled nature and a wild…

                      vanaf  59,00
                      Jeep safari Cotillo in het noorden van Fuerteventura

                        Jeep safari Cotillo in het noorden van Fuerteventura

                        Seizoen: Hele jaar door                            Dagen: Dagelijks behalve zondag                         Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     Driving through the mountains of Fuerteventura in a caravan with several jeeps has something truly adventurous. And the Defenders are more comfortable than you would expect. With your jeep you…

                        vanaf  70,00
                        Minibus tour van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

                          Minibus tour van Fuerteventura naar Lanzarote

                          Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 8 uur                                                                     Island hopping by minibus from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote - the beautiful neighbor island. A truly fascinating tour between two islands that could not be any more different from each other.…

                          vanaf  98,00
                          Minibusexcursie binnenland & zuiden Fuerteventura

                            Minibusexcursie binnenland & zuiden Fuerteventura

                            Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Maandag, woensdag, vrijdag                         Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     Leave the main roads on this minibus tour and head for the narrow side streets. Discover the beauty of the interior of Fuerteventura and its west coast. Expect overwhelming views and…

                            vanaf  61,00
                            Minibusexcursie de aroma’s van Fuerteventura

                              Minibusexcursie de aroma’s van Fuerteventura

                              Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag, donderdag, zaterdag                        Tijdsduur: 7 uur                                                                     Enjoy Fuerteventura with all your senses. On this interesting drive through Pájara and Betancuria in a comfortable minibus, you can taste a variety of local agricultural products and learn about…

                              vanaf  75,00

                              Buggy en quad tours

                              Buggy Tour Costa Calma Fuerteventura

                                Buggy tour in Costa Calma Fuerteventura

                                Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks behalve maandag                         Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     An absolutely dynamic sightseeing tour on four wheels through Fuerteventura. An action packed drive, with everything you could wish for. It goes off onto unpaved roads in the middle of…

                                vanaf  90,00
                                Buggy tour in Jandia Fuerteventura

                                  Buggy tour in Jandía Fuerteventura

                                  Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks behalve maandag                         Tijdsduur: 2 uur                                                                     Enjoy a buggy tour in Fuerteventura over unpaved tracks from Morro Jable through the Jandía National Park. The driving pleasure is known to increase in proportion to the length of…

                                  vanaf  120,00
                                  Quad Tour Costa Calma Fuerteventura

                                    Quad tour in Costa Calma Fuerteventura

                                    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks behalve maandag                         Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     An action packed expedition through Fuerteventura by quad bike. This tour combines the sensational quad biking fun with a great nature experience. On your way through deserted, unreal lunar landscapes,…

                                    vanaf  90,00
                                    Quad tour in Jandia Fuerteventura

                                      Quad tour in Jandía Fuerteventura

                                      Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks behalve maandag                         Tijdsduur: 2 uur                                                                     Explore Fuerteventura by quad starting from Morro Jable. This ride combines the action-packed quad driving with the unique natural experience of the Jandia Natural Park. You can expect…

                                      vanaf  120,00

                                      Fietstochten en segway tours

                                      E-Bike Tour Costa Calma Fuerteventura 3 uur

                                        E-bike tour in Costa Calma Fuerteventura 3 uur

                                        Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Donderdag en zaterdag                         Tijdsduur: 3 uur                                                                     Get to know the different facets of Fuerteventura. You will be truly amazed by its scenic diversity. This guided e-bike tour leads you from Costa Calma, along the stunning coastlines of you…

                                        vanaf  49,00
                                        Segway Tour in Jandía Fuerteventura

                                          Segway tour “Fit for Fun” in Jandía Fuerteventura

                                          Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 1 uur                                                                  Glide along the panoramic promenade of Jandía in the south of Fuerteventura on this amusing and fun tour on the trendy Segway. The ideal tour for Segway newbies. Before…

                                          vanaf  40,00
                                          Segway Tour in Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                                            Segway tour “Playa y Sol” in Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                                            Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 2 uur                                                                  Experience the impressive landscapes of the beautiful southern coast of Fuerteventura. This Segway tour takes you from Jandía to Morro Jable. No long and tiring marches you literally…

                                            vanaf  59,00
                                            Segway Tour in La Pared Fuerteventura

                                              Segway tour in La Pared Fuerteventura

                                              Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dinsdag en donderdag                          Tijdsduur: 2,5 uur                                                                     The tour for adventurers and explorers. This Segway Tour is designed for experienced riders. The route leads you off the beaten track into the authentic Fuerteventura. The small village…

                                              vanaf  69,00

                                              Paard- en kameelrijden

                                              Jetskiën, parasailing, flyboard en watersport combinaties

                                              Parasailing in Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                                                Parasailing in Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                                                Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Momenteel niet beschikbaar                         Tijdsduur: circa 10 minuten                                                                   Experience Morro Jable from lofty heights - parasailing fun on Fuerteventura. Float at about 150 m above the turquoise waters. Enjoy an exciting cocktail of various overwhelming sensations. Unlimited freedom and…

                                                vanaf  45,00
                                                JetSki Safari in Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                                                  JetSki Safari in Morro Jable Fuerteventura
                                                  1 uur

                                                  Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 1 uur                                                                     Discover the stunning coastline of Fuerteventura by Jet Ski. Get on the powerful watercraft turn up the speed and follow your guide on an exploration safari along the beautiful beaches…

                                                  vanaf  149,00
                                                  Watersport Pakket Crazy Ufo Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                                                    Combi 1: Crazy ufo & Jetski safari & Jet boat

                                                    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Momenteel niet beschikbaar                         Tijdsduur: 10 min. crazy ufo, 10 min. jet boat,                                    1 uur jetski safari                                                             The water sport package with a plus for the extra adrenalin kick. You save between € 31,00 and € 40,00! No time to relax in Fuerteventura. These activities keep…

                                                    vanaf  148,00
                                                    Watersport Pakket Parasailing Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                                                      Combi 2: Parasailing & Crazy ufo & Jetski safari

                                                      Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Momenteel niet beschikbaar                         Tijdsduur: 10 min. parasailing, 10 min. crazy ufo,                                    1 uur jetski safari                                                             A totally crazy combi for an absolutely insane price: Save between € 37,00 and € 42,00! Feel the G-Force dragging you from side to side during this wicked Crazy…

                                                      vanaf  148,00
                                                      Watersport Pakket Banana Boot Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                                                        Combi 3: Banana Boat & Parasailing & Crazy Ufo

                                                        Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Momenteel niet beschikbaar                         Tijdsduur: 10 min banana boat, 10 min crazy ufo,                                    10 min parasailing                                                             Triplicate the fun factor & save between € 15,00 and € 28,00. This package fantastically combines total relaxation with absolute excitement at the beach of Morro Jable in…

                                                        vanaf  60,00
                                                        Watersport Pakket Jet Boat Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                                                          Combi 4: Jet Boat & Crazy Ufo & Banana Boat

                                                          Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Momenteel niet beschikbaar                         Tijdsduur: 10 min jet boat, 10 min crazy ufo,                                    10 min banana boat                                                             Water sport Pack 3 reloaded: The total speed adventure! And save between € 9,00 and € 26,00! When speed and G-Force combine with the ocean the result is maximum…

                                                          vanaf  60,00
                                                          JetSki Safari in Morro Jable Fuerteventura

                                                            JetSki Safari in Morro Jable Fuerteventura
                                                            2 uur

                                                            Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Dagelijks                             Tijdsduur: 2 uur                                                                     Discover the stunning coastline of Fuerteventura by Jet Ski. Get on the powerful watercraft turn up the speed and follow your guide on an exploration safari along the beautiful beaches…

                                                            vanaf  200,00

                                                            Wandelen en klimmen

                                                            Wandeling tapas & cultuur Fuerteventura

                                                              Tapas & cultuur van Fuerteventura te voet

                                                              Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Woensdag en donderdag                           Tijdsduur: 5,5 uur                                                                     Enjoy Fuerteventura with all your senses. This guided walking tour will take you from finca to finca and from tasting to tasting. Tunos, Mojo sauces, Gofio and of course…

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                                                              Wandelen met geiten op Fuerteventura

                                                                Wandelen met geiten op Fuerteventura

                                                                Seizoen: Hele jaar door                          Dagen: Zaterdag                             Tijdsduur: 5,5 uur                                                                     Explore the inland of Fuerteventura off the beaten tourist tracks on this guided hiking tour accompanied by goats. Your friendly four-legged companions will happily take care of your physical…

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                                                                Wandeling wijn & vulkaan Fuerteventura

                                                                  Wandeling vulkaan & finca Fuerteventura

                                                                  Seizoen: Hele jaar door                            Dagen: Vrijdag                             Tijdsduur: 5,5 uur                                                                     A guided hiking tour through the fascinating volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura followed by a tasting of local delicacies in an authentic canary finca. Enjoy the absolute silence, far away from…

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                                                                  Wandeling wilde kust & legenden Fuerteventura

                                                                    Wandeling wilde kust & legenden Fuerteventura

                                                                    Seizoen: Hele jaar door                            Dagen: Dinsdag                             Tijdsduur: 5,5 uur                                                                     Walk the ancient shepherds’ paths of Fuerteventura and immerse yourself in myths and legends from bygone eras. The guided hiking tour will first take you to the unique canyon La…

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