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Quad rijden Fuerteventura

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Why Not? A Quad Biking Tour on Fuerteventura

Who does not know it? It looks like a four-wheeled motorcycle! But apart from handlebar and seat, it has little in common with a motorcycle. The so-called Quad Bike or ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is one of the most popular fun vehicles in Europe. That's why you should not miss the awesome experience of driving Quad on your holiday in Fuerteventura! A quad tour will not only give you thrills and fun, the island also offers exceptional scenery and nature that is waiting to be discovered by you. And quad bike tour is just perfect for that. Rush through asphalt curves; get to places you would never have found otherwise, just enjoy a great time.

Whether you are an experienced driver or have never sat on this vehicle, quad biking is suitable for everyone. Those who have not done it yet will easily learn it. However, you must definitely consider some extremely important points. Which these are, you will find out here, so that you can happily look forward to your vacation. Here you will find all essential tips and the most important information about the quad bike, quad biking and Quad tours on Fuerteventura at a glance.


  1. The quad and the difference to an ATV
  2. Where to drive quad in Fuerteventura
  3. Hire a quad on Fuerteventura
  4. What to consider when driving quad
  5. The requirements for quad biking
  6. Helmet mandatory
  7. What to consider when booking
  8. What you need for the tour
  9. Our quad bike tours in Fuerteventura

What Is a Quad and What Is an ATV?

Looking at a quad, the first thing you notice is the visual similarity to the motorcycle. There are also quads with and without lining (naked). The engine sits under the tank; you sit on a bench, the gas is on the handlebars and you break with the foot. That's basically all the motorcycle and quad have in common. The Quads usually come with automatic; the gas on the handlebar is not controlled by a rotary handle, but by a lever that is operated with the thumb. The biggest difference to the bike, however, you will find in the handling. But more about that later. Quads and ATVs are essentially the same vehicles, except that the ATVs (All Terrain Vehicle) can also be used off-road, while the quads are comfortable only on asphalt roads. Colloquially, however, both are referred to as Quad.

Quad Biking in Fuerteventura

Where Can I Drive Quad in Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands, but is sparsely populated. Consequently there are plenty of opportunities to ride a quad bike on the most diverse routes. You will pass by dunes, miles of beaches, deep volcanic vents and rough rocks. Generally, you can drive the quad on any public asphalt road. One or the other public road is also unpaved, so that you can drive off-road. However, you must not go off the official routes. The Quad bike tour operators of Fuerteventura have permissions to drive in places, where you will not be allowed to go on your own. But even with guided quad tour you will have the opportunity to try out your four-wheeled vehicle, without having to fear oncoming traffic. However, safety is always comes first, therefore you should always follow the instructions of the guides.

A Quad Bike Hire on Fuerteventura?

In Fuerteventura there are quad rentals in different places. However, if you have no driving experience, we advise not to hire a quad bike and try it on your own. A guided tour is more convenient for beginners, as you will receive instructions on how to handle a quad safely. Experienced drivers, who want to explore the island by quad on their own, should plan their route and decide where to drive and what to see before hiring the quad bike. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to leave the public roads to try this vehicle on open ground.

What Must Be Considered When Riding Quad?

To start with: A quad definitely does not ride like a motorcycle. For this reason, even experienced motorcyclists who have not sat on a quad yet are considered beginners. Before a quad bike tour, a few practice rounds are carried out on the operator's grounds to get a feel for this vehicle. Of course, experienced quad drivers do not need that.

Since the center of gravity of the quad is very high, there is a lot to consider especially in the curves. You must shift your upper body at the entrance of the curve, to not tip over with the quad. This means in left turns, you have to keep your upper body to the left and in right turns accordingly to the right. In addition, the gas is unusual for most. There is no classic twist grip, but a lever that you have to operate with your thumb. Handling it correctly will take a moment. Our operators use automatic quads so you only have to accelerate and brake.

What Are the Requirements to Participate in a Quad Bike Tour?

On a legal level, in Europe a car driver’s license class B is required for driving a quad bike. No additional licenses or proofs are required. However, different rules may apply if you rent a quad or take part in a guided tour in Fuerteventura. Thus, the rentals, or operators usually expect that you are at least 21 years old and have the class B driving license for at least 2 years.

Passengers must be 12 years old in addition the driver and passenger together must not exceed a certain maximum weight and driving without closed shoes is not allowed. You can find all information about the requirements for the tours we offer in the detailed descriptions “Please note!”.

Is it Necessary to Wear a Helmet When Riding a Quad?

Yes. As everywhere else in Europe, Fuerteventura the helmet is mandatory for quad biking. Accordingly driver and passenger are obliged to put on a helmet. However, you do not have to worry, because the helmets are provided by the operator, and that is included in the price.

What Should I Consider When Booking a Quad Tour?

Same as the buggy tours, you can enjoy the quad driving pleasure all year-round in Fuerteventura. But especially in the summer months, from late June to early September, it is absolute high season. During this period, tours are often fully booked for days in advance. Therefore, we recommend that you ensure you can participate in the Quad Tour by booking on our website a few weeks before your arrival.

What Should I Bring to the Tour?

  • The driver's license is compulsory and the original must be presented to the operator before departure, copies are not allowed.
  • Sportwear: Put on something comfortable and remember that there will be a lot of dust on the off-road part of the tour.
  • Jackets: In the months of October to May, jackets must be worn. Do not underestimate the cold caused by the breeze, especially in higher altitudes.
  • Dust protection: A scarf is highly recommended for protection against dust during off-road driving.
  • Sunscreen with high SPF: Should always be applied, even on cloudy days.

This information is also stated in the detailed descriptions of the tours in “Please note!” and “Services & Prices”. We hope you enjoy your quad bike tour in Fuerteventura.

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